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Fabric overview:
Shuyuan caffeine is also a slimming fabric. Coffee dregs are added to sweat wicking fibers in an environmentally friendly way. The fabric is soft, comfortable, light, delicate, moisture absorbing and breathable. It is rich in active ingredients, such as rosin oil, fatty acid aloe and vitamin E, which can effectively reduce the orange peel tissue of the body and let the skin experience the pleasure of free and zero burden. Shuyuan caffeine will "clothing" and "food" in a fashion way, so that women can wear this romantic in the most intimate place.
Characteristics of Shuyuan caffeine:
1. Moisture absorption and perspiration
The use of ultra-fine sweat-wicking fiber and ultra-fine coffee grounds can enhance the overall perspiration effect. It is the first choice of sweat-wicking fabric for summer sports, keeping women fresh and elegant anytime and anywhere.
2. Absorb odor
The baking process that gives coffee aroma and taste is the reason why caffeine can absorb peculiar smell. It can protect women's health anytime and anywhere, just like warm coffee, delicate and fashionable.
3. UV resistance
Because it contains coffee grounds, it can block the direct sunlight of ultraviolet rays, so that women can enjoy a whole day's comfort and health in wearing, and meticulously carve out the ultimate beauty of women from the inside out.
4. Shaping by burning grease
Shuyuan caffeine is fat soluble and water-soluble. It can remodel and recombine body fat by reducing the rash caused by body fat mass (90% of women have this situation). Because Shuyuan caffeine uses nurel microencapsulated fiber, it has the characteristics of slimming and fat reduction.
4. Environmental protection and health
Clothes are the second skin of a woman. In the healthy and green lifestyle, a touch of coffee fragrance is continued, which makes the elegant romantic feeling diffuse from inside to outside.
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