What kind of body underwear makes you comfortable?

In the past, no matter how we wear underwear or body shaping clothes, we pursued how close, beautiful and concave convex it is. However, as we grow older, we gradually abandon many selection factors.

Nowadays, most women value comfort more. Modern women are more interested in health, comfort and physical freedom.

Underwear is no longer a weapon to show women's beauty, but an expression of love for themselves.

We want beauty, but also beauty, comfort and freedom! So Xiaoyuan, let's talk about what we pay more attention to today.

Health degree

For women's underwear, many people often ignore the comfort and health index of underwear in their choice. They just blindly look at the price and whether the style is fashionable. Eventually, they spend money but fail to slim themselves, and even have chest expansion or other health conditions.


Every woman has the right to pursue fashion and beauty. More than 90% of Baoma's postpartum breasts sag to varying degrees, the hip bone widens and the abdominal skin relaxes. How important it is to choose a comfortable body underwear. It is outdated to achieve the purpose of "concave convex" through "support" and "binding", because it will affect women's health.

Through professional body design, Shuyuan bodysuit underwear is tailored for women's body, which effectively fits the body and has a strong sense of comfort.The Shantou Century Beauty Dress CO. is a professional underwear and shapewear factory with 23 years history.

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