Shuyuan's body dress and the spirit of quality are in craftsmanship

As a brand focusing on the maintenance of beauty clothes for more than 20 years, Shuyuan has created the quality of every body dress with ingenuity. Through the international certification management standards, Shuyuan has achieved scientific and technological innovation and industry breakthrough, creating a new era of China's health care and sports. Adhering to the production requirements of "high quality body wear", Shuyuan has built a benchmark in the maintenance and body care industry and created an era of body maintenance!

Be creative and be professional

With the persistent pursuit of perfection, the inner character value of an underwear is conveyed.

Shu Yuan takes the ingenuity and quality as the cornerstone and adheres to the concept of "internal support and external protection". From the development of integrated maintenance clothing, "weaving plate forming" technology, and the introduction of health care concept, we will create healthy and comfortable products for women from three aspects of "slim body, beautiful skin and function", so as to truly let women not only show modern fashion taste, but also wear healthy and comfortable products.

Innovative fabrics, Shuyuan caffeine

Shuyuan cooperates with Italian carvico covico Co., Ltd., taking the lead in adopting the world's first fat burning and slimming fabric - "Shuyuan caffeine". Shuyuan caffeine also slimming fabric, let the skin experience the fun of free and zero burden. Shuyuan caffeine will "clothing" and "food" in a fashion way, so that women can wear this romantic in the most intimate place.

Shuyuan caffeine, technology innovation fabric to bring a new experience, health care to a new height, become the first choice for women's body care!

Authorized by Italian Jersey company, lomellina a-more (Shuyuan beauty skin) can restore cell vitality, maintain moisture, prevent skin sagging, and make skin more delicate, smooth, moist, firm and elastic, as if "wearing body care cream" like dream feeling. Shuyuan skin beauty body clothes, let the skin retain moisture, but also can dazzle the devil curve effect.

Exquisite craft, ingenuity manufacturing

Shuyuan brand insists that every raw material purchase must meet the certification requirements of green ecological textiles. Every process has established a perfect quality control system from the source to the end At the same time, Shuyuan pays attention to independent technology research and development and innovation, has a number of patented technologies, whether in product style design, or in the process of intelligent manufacturing, or based on consumers' grasp of every perception of Shuyuan brand, they all have profound experience!

From made in China to made in quality, we deeply realize that the most exquisite and elegant body wear can be presented to consumers only by improving the beauty clothing process, following the spirit of craftsman and striving to pursue the perfection of every detail. Accumulating 20 years of professional body wear technology production team, constantly demanding themselves with high-grade process standards, is one of the fundamental reasons why Shuyuan can become a well-known beauty clothing brand favored by consumers, and is also the core competitiveness of Shuyuan brand for sustainable development!

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