Purchase of Shuyuan health care and beauty clothes

Many female friends are in pursuit of a perfect figure, and the maintenance of body clothes can achieve the beauty of women's lines, and there is no need to worry about any side effects, so it is loved by many women. The compression and tension of ordinary body shaping clothes is the biggest reason for many people to look back on the body shaping clothes. Therefore, it is very important to choose a comfortable body care clothing.

Choose comfortable and effective body wear

The body dress takes into account the efficiency and comfort. It is very consistent with high quality and innovative technology in the selection of raw materials and manufacturing methods. If you have a shaping plan, combined with advanced materials and exquisite workmanship, sleep can be worn, super efficient ventilation and sweat drainage design, which will bring you a long-term comfort experience. It is absolutely the best choice for you to maintain your body.


It's good to measure your size naturally and comfortably without holding your breath or taking a deep breath. Please also provide the bust circumference (underwear wire circle), waist circumference (navel), hip circumference (measurement position), thigh circumference (the widest circle in the middle of thigh), as well as the current height and weight. We will help you choose the appropriate size. 

Introduction of Shuyuan body wear series

Functional type

Taking environmental protection and health as the functional core, starting from the balance of body functional health, the internal system of the body is balanced. Promote blood circulation, microcirculation, regulate endocrine, promote metabolism, warm uterus.

Skin beauty

With "skin care" as the demand, the use of a variety of beauty technology fabrics to nourish the skin, give women the best care. Whitening and moisturizing, desalting stretch marks, thin orange peel tissue and anti-aging.

Fiber type

With the concept of "shaping without binding", the beauty of curve is created in the comfortable experience of light pressure by using the research systems of ergonomics, human mechanics and fat dissociation. Back beautifying, chest gathering, spine protecting, leg strengthening, hip lifting.


According to your personal situation and wearing requirements, you can choose a series of products to enhance the effect of body shaping. No matter what body shape, wearing Shuyuan health care and beauty clothes can experience a close but comfortable feeling, and even postpartum mothers can easily enjoy the recovery plan.

Frequently available

Q:I'm not wearing a body suit. I don't know how to choose?

S:If you pay more attention to internal adjustment while shaping, please choose functional type; if you take care of skin care while shaping, please choose skin beauty type; if your body changes seriously, you need to return fat and fat, please choose fiber type.

Note: since you have no experience in body wear, it is recommended to contact the customer service first. According to your needs and body shape, we suggest a more comfortable size.

Q:In order to have a rapid shaping effect, is the tighter the better?

S:Whether it is to lose weight or shape, as the most intimate clothing, the most important thing is to wear comfortable. You should know that the tighter the body is, the better. You must apply the same pressure to all parts of the body. This pressure can massage the fat and make the subcutaneous fat evenly distributed. Therefore, before purchasing, measure your body shape and choose the appropriate size. If you are too tight, you will feel uncomfortable and affect your body The body's circulation metabolism, may even because the lymph is compressed, causes the edema. 

Note:Shuyuan body suit can help slimming and eliminate orange peel tissue, promote circulation and help lymphatic metabolism when worn for a long time. Exercise wearing can relieve muscle tension and inhibit muscle soreness. The fabric pressure value of medical grade fully complies with the medical grade standard, so that you can shape without tension, and it is not temporary。

Q:Do you want to choose a smaller size than usual?

S:We boast that wearing close fitting and comfortable will have effect, unlike other body shaping clothes, which just stretch you very tight, but only visual effect. In terms of size, it is not recommended to take a smaller size, because if the size is more tight, of course, a little force will be exerted during the process of wearing and taking off, which may cause damage to the fabric after several times.

Note: Shuyuan does not achieve the effect by binding, as long as it is close to the body, it will have the effect of covering and micro massage. It is suggested that the size of the fit is more suitable and can be worn for a long time. The relative effect is also better!

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