There is a kind of happy called Shuyuan beauty underwear

Some people say that marriage is more like wearing underwear. Whether it looks good or not is obvious, but only you know whether it is comfortable or not. Look, in order to pursue the body shaping effect, some body shaping underwear inevitably "hoops" on mm. Well, it looks a little slim, and the S-curve is a little highlighted. But why, the breath starts to be blocked and the heart rhythm begins to be irregular? Is there a kind of underwear that can make friends feel close and natural?

Here comes the beauty series
This series uses Italian Jersey Lomellina · a-more (beauty body and skin) Shuyuan beauty fabric, retinol, fatty acid, ceramide and other active ingredients are evenly implanted into fiber microcapsules by high-tech means, and then woven into cloth. Under the effect of skin slight contact friction and body temperature, the active ingredients are uniformly and continuously released to effectively enter the skin, restore cell vitality, maintain moisture and prevent skin Sagging skin makes the skin more delicate, smooth, moist, firm and elastic. It looks like a dream like "wearing body care cream".
Shuyuan beauty fabric body clothes, using special textile materials combined with precision weaving, can produce cool and cool touch, let skin retain moisture, and can dazzle the effect of devil curve.

Breast enhancement, waist slimming and buttocks beautification
Shuyuan beauty fabric body clothing "hole" and the size of human pores, it's air permeability and perspiration capacity is three times that of cotton.
Shuyuan beauty fabric body dress is a product developed and designed according to the principles of ergonomics, human mechanics and human aesthetics. Good brand maintenance and beauty clothes can correctly guide the growth direction of fat, return and compact the lost, displaced and sagging fat, accelerate the stimulation of fat fluidity, soften, burn, decompose and disappear the excess fat, so as to delay aging and maintain youth. The production principle of body dress is to pay attention to the free free free of fat, to manage the accumulation of fat, and to shape the S-curve of women through the management of fat. It can also effectively disperse the ring pressure.

Remember the dangers of wearing the wrong underwear
Scientific underwear design is very important, because ordinary underwear due to improper elasticity and elastic angle of fabric will cause incorrect free fat, resulting in fat accumulation in some areas and serious damage to body curve.
Tire print
Wearing an inappropriate bra will make the skin on the back loose, lack of elasticity and beauty, resulting in "tire marks".
Underwear selection or improper wearing will make the axillary fat more and more, and gradually form the attached milk. The probability of breast disease in women with breast accretion is about 80% higher than that in women without.
Big belly
When underwear is not properly worn and the bottom of the bra is pressed on the chest, the fat in the chest will run to the stomach due to the compression of the steel ring, forming a large belly, and the chest will become smaller.
Bottom of pot cover
With the increase of age and improper selection of underpants, the fat of buttocks will flow to the thighs slowly, resulting in the thighs becoming thicker, while the buttocks gradually become flat, forming ugly pot cover buttocks.

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