Shuyuanshangpin meets the 55th China International American Fair

In autumn, Yangcheng is rich in fruits, which is not only the harvest season, but also the sowing season. In this September, Shu yuanshangpin welcomes you to the 55th China (Guangzhou) International Fair.

Shuyuanshangpin defines the product R & D and design orientation from the perspective of "shaping beauty, maintaining and promoting health". And practice the concept of "grasp the aesthetic concept of the times, optimize the core service of the industry", and explain to customers and consumers that we are in step with century beauty.

Shuyuan Shangpin experienced, cutting-edge concept of the design team's understanding of the product is: beauty is a symbol of the "true, good and beautiful" way of wearing. Therefore, based on ergonomics and physiological changes of age, the team formulated a tailoring scheme in line with the body characteristics, and scientifically shaped a beautiful figure curve. And according to different parts of the human body, different wearing and matching demands, design exquisite products to meet the fashion trend from multiple angles.

Shuyuanshangpin global selection of scientific and technological fabrics, increase the function of body care, let the product have the health effects of improving metabolism, burning fat, slimming, wrinkle removing and beautifying skin, and taking care of women's characteristics, so as to form a humanized product service feature.

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