We pay attention to when choosing women's bodysuit shapewear?

As a SJM shapewear factory with more than 20 years of professional design and production, a qualified body shaping clothing is very important, which is not only related to experience, but also affects health. Then bodysuit shapewear should pay attention to the following points.

We pay attention to when choosing women's bodysuit shapewear?

1) Crimping problem

In fact, we all know that many ordinary body shaping clothes will have the problem of crimping, and it is easy to cause the problem of pain and redness during wearing, which will also lead to uneven fat.

After we put it on, we can repeat squatting or raising our hands several times. The range of action must be large, so as to test whether the bodysuit shapewear are crimped or not!

2) Compactor problem

In fact, the tighter the body shaping clothes, it is not good. It is easy to cause excessive pressure on the body. It is not only easy to produce strangulation marks, but also may cause blood circulation and respiratory discomfort. Good bodysuit shapewear can play a tight but not strangled effect, exert balanced pressure on the whole body, bind fat in an all-round way, and it is also very comfortable to wear on the body.

3) Ventilation problem

Body shaping clothes are generally intimate underwear, so the effect of ventilation and moisture removal must be better. If the permeability of the fabric is very poor, it's really hard to wear, and it will also cause some skin diseases. The selection of high-quality fabrics is also the embodiment of the performance of body shaping clothes. SJM shapewear factory strictly screen the fabrics, with comfortable experience and good air permeability!

4) Body curve fit

Be sure to choose the one that conforms to the body curve, because if not, it may lead to excessive pressure and uncomfortable wearing. If the cutting is unreasonable, it will only make the body worse! SJM shapewear factory have cooperative customers all over the world, which are customized according to the different body shapes of the East and the West.

5) Other issues

The chest design should have supporting force, rather than the elasticity of the body shaping clothes on the chest, resulting in the deformation of the chest shape. The hips can improve the hip line and improve the flat mother's hips.

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