How to protect new coronavirus in daily life

Today, the new covid-19 epidemic is still rampaging around the world. Although the situation of epidemic prevention and control is being consolidated steadily in China, the social order and people's lives are gradually returning to normal, and the epidemic prevention and control work has changed from emergency to normal. However, with the coming of the new year, sporadic outbreaks have occurred in many places in China. We should always be alert to the epidemic situation and integrate health habits and epidemic prevention and control into our lives. How does SHANTOU CENTURY BEAUTY DRESS CO.,LTD suggest that we effectively prevent the epidemic?

一、Prevention of respiratory infectious diseases, develop good health habits

Good health habits and lifestyle is a simple, positive and effective way to prevent infectious diseases. Wash hands frequently, ventilate frequently, and do not spit or blow your nose. When coughing or sneezing, cover the mouth and nose with paper towel or elbow sleeve, wrap the nasal mucus or sputum with paper towel, and discard them in the dustbin with cover. Don't touch your mouth, eyes or nose with unclean hands.

二、Do you still need to wear masks to prevent and control the epidemic?

Epidemic prevention and control has been normalized. In most cases, people can take off their masks. However, some special industries and places still need to wear masks, such as high-risk areas, dense personnel, poor ventilation, and some service industries and special occupations, such as bus drivers, flight attendants, restaurant, supermarket, mall attendants, doctors, nursing home service personnel. There are respiratory symptoms, such as cold and cough, to wear a mask to prevent infection to others. It is recommended to carry a spare mask and wear it when necessary.

三、Frequent hand washing can effectively prevent respiratory infectious diseases.

Frequent hand washing can effectively prevent respiratory infectious diseases. Hand washing is one of the most simple and effective measures to prevent infectious diseases. Respiratory infectious diseases are not only transmitted by droplets, but also by hand contact. In daily work and life, people's hands are constantly exposed to articles contaminated by bacteria and viruses. If they can't wash their hands in time and correctly, the bacteria and viruses on their hands can enter the human body by touching their mouth, eyes and nose. If you touch the surface of an object with dirty hands, you may contact and infect others. Frequent hand washing can simply and effectively cut off this route of infection.

四、Avoid crowded public places

There are many people in public places with large flow and unknown infection risk, and it is difficult to keep a distance of 1 meter between people. Once there is a virus infected person, it is easy to cause the transmission between people without effective protection, and the risk of virus transmission in public places with poor air mobility is greater.

五、Keep windows open to ventilate the room and let the air convection

Indoor environment sealed, easy to cause bacteria breeding, increase the risk of human infection. Frequent window ventilation can effectively reduce the content of indoor microorganisms and other pollutants. In addition, ultraviolet rays in the sun can also kill bacteria. Windows should be opened for ventilation in the morning, middle and evening every day, and each time should be no less than 15 minutes. In cold season, pay attention to keep warm and keep cool.

六、Keep a social distance of more than 1 meter

Respiratory infectious diseases are mostly transmitted by droplets in close distance. Therefore, in order to prevent respiratory infectious diseases, the social distance between people in daily work and life should be more than 1 meter, which is the social safety distance. Novel coronavirus pneumonia and other respiratory infectious diseases can be reduced by maintaining social safety distance. It is also the embodiment of civilized etiquette.

七、Separate raw and cooked food, and cook thoroughly

Due to the fact that the processed and stored food is easy to contaminate bacteria and bacteria during transportation, we should pay attention to hygiene during daily food production, wash hands in time after contacting raw meat, poultry, aquatic products and other food materials, separate raw and cooked food to avoid cross contamination, and cook the food thoroughly. Don't eat wild animals.

After the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work has been normalized, SHANTOU CENTURY BEAUTY DRESS CO.,LTD warmly reminded that it is not necessary to maintain a "normal mind" to face epidemic prevention and control, but not to panic or panic.

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