How to keep a good figure

Often friends say that she can be fat even if she drinks water. Indeed, some people tend to be fat and get fat easily. They eat the same things, and even eat less by themselves. Friends around them eat and drink more. But friends don't grow meat, but they are getting fatter and fatter. I've been complaining about injustice a lot of times. In fact, there are many reasons for obesity. It is not only related to the amount of diet, but also needs a long-term process of physiological regulation.

1. Walk or exercise more to avoid sedentary

Most of the time, we sit too long and don't walk around. Especially now, the pace of life is fast, and many young people have cervical vertebrae and other problems. At the same time, it's a bad behavior to lose weight. Long time sitting will lead to more and more soft muscles, easy body shape and more puffy appearance. In fact, usually adhere to more exercise, if every sitting for a period of time after walking around is the best, do some exercise will effectively avoid this situation.

2. Healthy weight loss can't be on a diet

Dieting is not an effective way to lose weight. Many people begin to go on a crazy diet when they find themselves fat or feel too fat. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. It is unscientific to achieve the goal of losing weight by dieting. Dieting is just to reduce the amount of food, so that the body is forced to digest its own body fat, so as to achieve the effect of "reducing fat". But a long time, leading to their own malnutrition, and after the recovery of normal diet will occur rapid rebound.

3. Pay attention to adequate dietary fiber intake

Dietary fiber in the digestive system can help intestinal peristalsis, and more effective digestion and absorption. Can choose to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, coarse grains to supplement dietary fiber, weight loss period can help speed up the body's metabolism, discharge of stool.

4. The main food is high protein, low carbon water and low fat

Carbohydrate and fat will become sugar and fat after digestion and absorption. If the staple food takes too much carbohydrate and fat, it will lead to excessive sugar and fat in the body, resulting in more and more body fat. Protein can help our muscle growth, and enough muscle can better shape the body lines. So usually need to pay attention to the diet with high protein.

5. Control diet calories

Under normal circumstances, the metabolism of the human body will consume about 2000 calories a day. The daily intake of calories should be controlled at or below this standard. During the weight loss period, we need to pay attention to avoid eating excessive calories. For example, chocolate and cake are high calorie foods, so we should avoid eating.

6. Insist on having breakfast

Weight loss is not to rely on eating less to achieve the goal of weight loss, and breakfast is an important way to wake up the body function, after a night of digestion, there is almost no material in the body for digestion and absorption, normal breakfast can provide enough nutrition for the body.

Obesity is an attitude. If you relax yourself, obesity will be closer to you. You need to improve your diet and exercise habits. Effective conditioning can not only make your body healthier, but also avoid getting fatter and fatter. Play a small ad, you can start a Shuyuan body suit, oh, let your body more shape.

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