Some good ways to lose weight

There is no lack of slogans in life every day shouting weight loss girl, but 365 days a year, can you have such perseverance and perseverance to insist? You may think that a girl who is so dedicated to losing weight must have a beautiful figure. NO,NO。 The girl who has been on the front line of weight loss all the year round always lingers between delicacy, laziness and delicacy.

Weight loss is not a matter overnight, it is necessary to develop good living habits, of course, there are some good weight loss skills can be used, can effectively help you shape the ideal body Oh!

Regular work and rest, don't stay up late
According to a study, sleep time is inversely proportional to body fat: the shorter the sleep time, the higher the body fat, and the greater the possibility of overweight and obesity! Lack of sleep means staying up late, can not avoid rich nightlife, can not help the temptation of food, high calorie high-fat food naturally from the bag of things. Weight is not Biao also sorry for themselves, but also easy to cause too much fat, easy to lose hair, some young people have long been "Mediterranean"!
Regular work and rest time is the best maintenance!

Weight loss target should not be too high
Set a small goal for yourself, "I want to lose 20 jin first". It's better to make an immediate effect in a month. At first sight, I'm determined, but in reality, I'm easy to lose.
Weight loss goal is to set, but should not be too high, can not look down on this small goal Oh!
Give yourself a plan to set up a reliable small goal, one by one to break through, let weight loss become a sense of achievement, rather than pressure, so that you can build up confidence in weight loss. For example, the big goal of losing 18 pounds in half a year is broken down into six small goals and completed monthly. Every time you achieve your goal, you can reward yourself.

Weigh once a week
It's not just to talk about it casually, but the actual effect is good! Let me never forget that I'm still in the process of losing weight. I took the first step on the long march.
At first, weight is recorded at the beginning of weight loss, and then once a week.

The weight fluctuates every day, usually about two Jin. The weight change can be seen more clearly in weeks.
Weighing time is generally selected in the morning, one time is fixed, and the other is easy to compare, and the morning weight is the most accurate of the day.

Adjust eating habits
Self discipline is the premise of having a good figure, and most of them do so:
96% had the habit of eating breakfast;
92% knew clearly which foods to eat and which to eat less.
A healthy way to lose weight is not to fast, or to change three meals into one meal. As the saying goes, fitness is "three exercises and seven meals". It is necessary to arrange three meals a day reasonably to ensure adequate nutrition and reduce fat absorption.

High fiber vegetables were used instead of starch food Protein supplement was sufficient Coarse grains were used instead of fine rice and flour We must eat breakfast, not only full, but also balanced nutrition;
Three meals a day can be changed to many meals a day, and the quantity of one meal should be reduced. Every meal seven full, eat less meals, ensure nutrition at the same time reduce intake and absorption.

Well, several simple ways to lose weight have been taught one by one, it depends on whether you have the determination and self-discipline to adhere to!
It needs a process to stick to whether losing weight is instant or not. Don't forget that there are Shu Yuan this professional shaping helper~

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