Don't worry about postpartum weight loss to women

After giving birth to a child, the body will inevitably be deformed and out of shape. The waist is really not as amazing and slightly relaxed as it used to be.

Novice mothers, who are on the verge of depression and collapse, do not need to kidnap and demand them from an aesthetic perspective.

Female models and stars are also women. They also have to endure all kinds of pain of pregnancy and childbirth and experience all kinds of bitterness of nursing their babies. There's no need to be so hard on them?

Perhaps it is because there are several cases where the body immediately recovers after giving birth to a child, which leads many people who eat melons to believe that it is women's lack of self-discipline that can't lose weight after giving birth to a child.

Every woman's constitution is different, and not everyone can recover as before. However, most women have to bear too much harm caused by having children. Some postpartum due to rectus abdominis tear, the stomach is still as big as when pregnant; Some people are asked by their families to eat five or six meals a day to increase milk to feed their

children, and their postpartum weight rises instead of falling; Some people's stomach loses elasticity due to being too large during pregnancy. The postpartum abdomen is covered with "earthworm" pregnancy marks, and the skin is loose and sagging.

Since you haven't experienced it, please don't add anxiety to the disturbing life of these mothers with an understatement of "no self-discipline"!

Don't mothers want to lose weight quickly and restore the appearance and figure of a girl? The reality is that most pregnant women will always be in a situation where they have no time to take care of themselves within a few years after giving birth to their children.

Please give them enough understanding, comfort, company and love when they are most anxious. Don't forget, before they became mothers, they were just fragile, sensitive and spoiled little girls!

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