Shuyuan takes "modern fashion" as the brand creative style, takes "maintenance of beauty" as the core competitiveness of products, and takes functional type, fiber type and skin beauty type as "Shu 3 (shucube)" innovative concept in an all-round way, and is committed to achieving new beauty standards for women.

Style orientation

Shuyuan's modern and beautiful body.

Brand core

Maintain beauty -- keep the eternal beauty of women.

Product segmentation

Functional type, fiber type, skin beauty type - Shu 3 (Shufang) comprehensive maintenance of beauty.

market positioning

They are 25-45 years old. They are young and fashionable women in the city. Their personality is changeable, and their beauty complex is to cultivate both inside and outside. They want both fashion and health. They pursue the new trend of international modern, and also pay attention to physical maintenance. They are eager to show themselves in the most beautiful manner, shine and express themselves. This is the most tacit consumer group of Shuyuan.

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